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​pADGITT cHIMNEY & fIREPLACE | Padgitt forensic investigations | hEARTHMASTERS PUBLISHING
Specialty O&C Fire Investigations for Insurance Claims


President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Technical Trainer | Estimator

Certified Chimney Sweep 1990-2024 by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  Requires 42 hours of training every three years to maintain certification. Approved proctor by the CSIA.
EX-Certified Wood-burning Specialist by the National Fireplace Institute 1993-2019
Requires knowledge of wood-burning appliances, chimneys, installation, and maintenance. Requires re-testing or 42 CEU credits every three years. National Fireplace Institute Approved Instructor and teaches the certification class in the Midwest region. 

Licensed Private Investigator in Missouri

Industry writer, Speaker
Publisher and editor of Wood-Fired Magazine

Editor of the Midwest Chimney Safety Council News Magazine 1996-2019
Author of the Chimney and Hearth Pro's Resource Book
Author of Wood-Fired Heating and Cooking
​Author of the Home Inspector's Guide to Chimney and Hearth Inspections
​​Kansas City Alternative Energy Examiner for for six years. See her informative articles with lots of tips at the Examiner and websites.

Marge has written over 250 articles about chimneys, fireplaces, vents, appliances, inspections, and more

Non-Profit Associations
​Past President and Educational Director of the Midwest Chimney Safety Council 
Past Region 4 Director, National Chimney Sweep Guild
Past board member of the Midwest Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association

Past board member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America
Past Bake Oven Committee Chair for the MHA
Served on UL 127 and 103 Technical Committees for five years
Served on the PR Committees for the MHA and NCSG

Helped update the CSIA Sweeping Manual​

37 years in the industry

Missouri Professional Private Investigators Association


Professional mEmberships

International Association of Arson Investigators

The Masonry Heater Association of North America
Missouri Private Investigator Assocation


State Certified Fire Investigator | Licensed Mechanical Contractor | Outside Sales/Estimates

​Missouri State Certified Fire Investigator/Licensed Private FIre Investigator

Requires 40 hours of training and annual CEU credits testing by the State of Missouri Department of Public Safety in addition to other requirements. Gene serves as an expert witness for cases involving structural fires related to chimneys and heating applianaces.

​Class DM Master Mechanical License
 in all cities and counties in the greater KC area. Requires passing the BLOCK test and knowledge of gas, oil, and wood-burning heating equipment, chimneys, vents, ducts, plumbing, electrical and codes applying to these applications. Requires 8 hours of CEU course training annually at Johnson County Contractor Licensing. This license is required by law in the greater Kansas City area. See a list of licensed contractors at​

Certified Chimney Sweep by the Chimney Safety Institute of America since 1990
The Certification requires knowledge of codes, clearances, construction, inspection, and maintenance of chimneys and fireplaces, the International Residential Code and the NFPA 211 Standard for Fireplaces. Testing or 42 CEU credits required every three years.

NFI Certified Gas Specialist by the National Fireplace institute. Qualified to inspect, service, and install gas appliances. 

Certified Heater Mason by the Masonry Heater Association of North America. Qualified to build masonry heaters and brick ovens and any type of masonry. Commercial and Residential  

Degree in Heating, Ventilation, Cooling, and Refrigeration 1985 from Vatterott & Sullivan Technical College

OSHA Certified 10-Hour Construction

Award-winning master mason with 15 national and regional awards

40 years in the industry