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Professional Education
for the chimney and hearth industry

Gene and Marge Padgitt have presented many classes for the industry at conventions and meetings since 1993. They host periodic educational sessions for professionals in both technical and business subjects. The Padgitts are available for on -site training at your place of business, but are currently not doing any travel.

Chimney and Hearth Pro's Resource Book, 2nd Ed.
PLUS free digital version to edit!

The Chimney and Hearth Pro’s Resource Book is the ultimate resource for the chimney sweep, chimney builder, or hearth retail business owner who knows the trade but needs help with the business side. The author has created 200 pages of contracts, work orders, diagrams, proposals, marketing ideas, employment applications, non-compete contracts, an employee manual, and more that every manager or owner needs to operate their business successfully and help their clients understand their fireplace and chimney system. Contact the author for a free updated PDF or Microsoft Publisher version of the book with purchase in order to modify documents as needed.

What’s Inside:

  • Employee Non-Compete Contracts
  • Sample Employee Manual
  • Employment Application
  • Work Orders
  • Job Descriptions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Evaluation Tips
  • Sample Evaluation Reports
  • Industry Suppliers & Manufacturers
  • National, Regional & State Organizations
  • International Associations
  • Sample Estimates & Contracts
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Educators and Consultants
  • Legal Issues
  • Waiver of Lien
  • Help for Homeowners
  • Marketing Ideas That Work
  • Tips for Your Website
  • E-mail Tips
  • Professional Proposals
  • Forms, Drawings, and More.

2013 216 pages Paperback 8.5" x 11".
Send your receipt to and get a free 2020 edition with extra pages via digital download in Publisher version so you can edit the forms to suit your needs! You will need Microsoft Publisher to edit the forms. Best suited for PCs.

Presentations for Chimney Professionals

By Marge Padgitt

5-CD Set.

Save time and money by using these ready-made Power Point presentations for employee training, trade shows, and public education. Marge has done all the hard work - just start the presentation and talk about each subject. Includes: Alternative Heating Options, Chimney Inspections 101, Identifying Chimney Damages, Historic Chimney Restoration, and Chimney Photos. Works best on PCs.

$99 per set includes shipping in the U.S.

Order by sending an email with your name and mailing address to

Marge's new books coming soon:

Wood-Fired Heating and Cooking

Chimney Inspections for Home Inspectors

Origin and Cause Investigations for Fire Investigators

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