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Specialty O&C Fire Investigations for Insurance Claims

What we Don't Do:

We are a service company - not a retailer

- We do not sell parts
- We don't sell bricks, firebrick, masonry supplies, chimney liners, stove pipe etc.

- We don't sell or install manufactured fireplaces

- We don't give free advice or consultations over the phone - but we are happy to consult with you for $200 per hour in person at our office or on the phone.

Custom man-made stone work

Custom river stone work

with Rumford Fireplace

Custom indoor oven and brick work

What we do

HearthMasters has been restoring, maintaining, and building chimneys and fireplaces since 1982, but we recently stopped doing large masonry chimney restoration projects. We do all other aspects of masonry chimney repair, service, and inspections. Our employees regularly attend chimney conventions, meetings, and classes to maintain CEU credits for their certification credentials and to keep informed of the latest changes in codes, methods, and equipment. The industry is constantly changing and we must keep up with it in order to provide the best possible service for our customers. Our reputation is so strong that other contractors often refer us to their customers when they run into something they don't feel comfortable handling. You can be sure that you are getting the best in the industry when you call HearthMasters.