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Order your inspection by sending an email to We will contact you as soon as possible to set up a date and time for the inspection(s) 

Regretfully, we are unable to provide an estimate based on another company's evaluation report. There is NEVER enough information in these reports for us to provide an estimate for the work to be completed. We always need measurements and photos that the inspectors do not provide.So in order to do an estimate, we must do an inspection. Remember, any repair work needed requires a permit and Master Mechanical License, which other chimney contractors do not have. Save yourself time and money and call us first. 

Gas Appliance Inspection and Tune-up: For Direct-Vent gas fireplaces or inserts.  Inspect appliance and vent, clean orifices, burner, logs, check air to gas ratio, replace batteries as needed, clean glass as needed, check for CO leaks, run test burn. Written report included. By our Gas Specialist only - be sure to identify this appliance on the form so we get the right tech for your. FEBRUARY - AUGUST ONLY

Note: DV Gas appliances have a single glass front and are a closed system. 

A Master Mechanical License is REQUIRED to do repair work to chimneys!


All cities in Johnson County, KS, Jackson County, Clay County, and Platte County in Missouri REQUIRE a Master Mechanical License (HVAC) and a permit to be pulled for any chimney relining, repair, or hearth appliance installation work.

This is a special contractor license, also known as a CLASS DM HVAC License issued by Johnson County, KS, Kansas City, Missouri, Independence, MO and Raytown, MO, but recognized by all of the other cities. Please call if you'd like more information.

Be sure your contractor has this license if any repairs are needed. Note: To date, we are the only chimney contracting company in the greater K.C. area with this license.

To see a list of contractors with the required license check the Johnson County Contractor License list of contractors here or call your local building code official. 

Gas Furnace, Boiler, or Water Heater Flues:Level I Visual inspection from the top of the interior flue liner and the bottom at the connecting pipes. We check connecting pipe condition and size, length of run, size of the flue liner, condition of the flue liner or vent, rise, and the exterior chimney. For Furnace, boiler, hot water heater flues. Masonry or B-Vent.

Note: The utility flue is the MOST IMPORTANT flue to inspect due to the fact that any gaps in the flue or other issues could cause Carbon Monoxide to enter the home. A CO detector does not work at low levels of CO, which can cause serious health issues to the occupants with exposure over time. So if you only have one flue in the house and it is serving a gas appliance, we highly recommend paying for a Level I inspection.  

Order your inspection by sending an email to will contact you as soon as possible to set up a date and time for the inspection(s)

Note that we must inspect ALL flues and chimneys on site due to liability issues. We expect payment on site at the time of service.

                                                     Call for pricing

Gas or Wood-burning open fireplaces, wood stoves, gas stoves, wood - burning inserts, barbecues, wood-burning furnaces:

Level II Internal Chim-Scan camera Evaluation of the interior of the chimney and a visual evaluation of the exterior chimney
with written report and photos by one of our five CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps. If the top is accessible with a ladder, we will inspect the top portion of the chimney, crown, caps, and flashing. 

Inspection includes a check of entire exterior chimney, flashing, crown or chase top, flue or metal chimney, smoke chamber, hearth, damper, fireplace, and facial wall that are readily accessible, clearances to combustibles, and a draft test. With gas logs, we also do a CO test. Does not include demolition of any part of the chimney to check the interior chase or underneath the hearth which are not normally accessible. FEBRUARY - AUGUST ONLY

Real Estate InspectionS

You've come to the right place. Our real estate inspections are completed by our professionally trained chimney and venting technicians. We have been doing this work since 1982 and know how to identify potential hazards and damages that a standard home inspector does not have training for and does not have the proper equipment to do. You can be assured that we will provide you with a detailed and accurate evaluation report and estimate for repairs if needed.  FEBRUARY - AUGUST ONLY due to our heavy workload, we cannot do this service from September through January.

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