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Health and Safety First.

The health and safety of our staff, our clients, and their families has been and always will be our first priority. It is what drives us to educate other professionals, to continue our own education, to adhere to current safety regulations and recommendations, and to maintain the highest standards of service. It motivates us to ensure your hearth appliances are safe and up to code, and it's what moves us to make an extra effort to flatten the curve of Covid-19.

We'd like to let you know that our repair crew is small and practices social distancing and enhanced sanitizing and clean up. This is and will remain true in our homes, offices, vehicles, and in the field. Most of our work is at the exterior of your home or business, but rest assured that if interior service should be needed, we will take deliberate steps to make the visit brief and to maintain more than the required social distance. Currently, we are limiting our repair crew to one service address per day when possible. We also provide electronic billing and payment options, and touchless greetings. Rather than a handshake, we will greet you with a nod and a friendly smile. For added protection, we also ask that if you, our valued clients, are present at the time of service, that you remain at a separate location on the property while we are there. We will let you know when we are done for the day. Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you. 


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Learn more about Covid-19 and what protective and preventative measures are being taken locally:

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