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explosion RESTORATION 

Chimney restoration services

commercial and residential repair and new construction projects

Masonry heaters, bake ovens, fireplaces, and historic restoration. If it has anything to do with fire, we probably do it... and we have the proper equipment, training, certifications, occupational license and Master Mechanical Contractor Licenses to do the job professionally and legally. 

Our Qualifications:
CSIA and NFI Certified technicians
HVAC degree
Master Mechanical License
38+ years in the industry.
Read more of our credentials here.

We know chimneys and fire. You should know that a Master Mechanical License is required in most cities in Johnson County, KS, Clay and Jackson County, MO for chimney relining or repair, and installation of hearth appliances. To date, WE ARE THE ONLY CHIMNEY COMPANY WITH A MM LICENSED technician on staff. You can check the Johnson County Contractor Licensing Board or call your city codes department to check for a listing of licensed contractors (our company is listed as HearthMasters, Inc.).

Licensing does not mean an occupational license. Trade licenses are completely different. Many city codes require permits for gas or wood flue relining, hearth appliance installation, and major chimney repair. Most cities also require an occupational (business) license.  We have business licenses in every city in the KC area.

For more information on our restoration services including rebuilding, pointing, brick/stone replacement, masonry seals, water repellent or Fireguard applications, and more, call 816.461.3665.