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18 Reasons to Get a Tulikivi

Wake up in a warm house

Come back to a warm house in the evening

Rub your back against warm stones

Warm you feet without burning your socks

Let the kids hug your heater

Quit tending a fire all day

Extend the life of your woodpile

Grow your own fuel

Save your air shed

Gather your friends for wood-fired pizza

Slow cook without electricity or gas

Dry apples without a dehydrator

Watch the real fire channel

Answer questions about radiant heat

Explain the carbon cycle to your kids

Translange Fire Stone in Finnish

Look forward to the winter. 

Locate Norther Kerelia on the map

Tulikivi TU2200T by Gail Hallock Design for Stone Comfort

Beautiful Soapstone Fireplaces that provide even, efficient, comfortable heating using the renewable resource of wood. 

Tulikivi 2200 by Warmstone

Downloadable Flyers with Pricing: 

Note: Prices do not include shipping, labor for installation, the chimney, or optional components. 


Tulikivi Modern American Line

Modern American Line Technical Information

Tulikivi Classic American Line

Classic American Line Technical Information

For new homes: Please contact us for a consultation in our office before starting work on the new house so we can help you determine the correct size Tulikivi heater to purchase, and provide information for your builder or architect regarding the footing and foot print needed before our arrival, and so your design will not need to be altered later. We will need to see blueprints. Remember, the best place for a masonry heater is as centrally located as possible with an open floor plan. 

For existing homes: Please contact us for an on-site consultation. 

Please contact us for a consultation: 816-461-3665 Mon-Fri 9 - 5 CST

Our senior Tulikivi installer/designer is Gene Padgitt
Gene is a Certified Heater Mason by the Masonry Heater Association of North America

See more about Gene Here

We charge $125 for a consultation in our office. For other locations please inquire about pricing. 

Tulikivi TLU2450 by Mountain Flame

TTU2700 by Mid-Atlantic

HearthMasters sells and installs Tulkivi soapstone Fireplaces in the Midwest region. 

These fireplaces are efficient at retaining heat, which is released slowly and evenly, allowing you to bask in the glow for a long time. And the beauty of soapstone can't be beat! 

Options include: Bake oven, heated bench, wood bin, and soapstone hearth. 

Tulkivi Fireplaces must be installed by a Tulkivi Installer

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