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Rumford Fireplaces


We design and build higher efficiency Rumford style fireplace and the modified versions such as the Priorfire designed by Chris Prior, the Hart/Rumford by Bob Hart, and install Bellfires brand pre-cast fireplaces.  A close-clearance Bellfires is available as well.

Rumford style fireplaces are 30-40% efficient, while a regular box-style fireplace is only 5-10% efficient or less.  It just makes sense to have a Rumford style fireplace in any home.  

Here are some great websites about Count Rumford for more information: 

An article by Jim Buckley:  http://www.rumford.com/articleWhat.html

An article by Laura Hill:

Another article on Rumford: http://www.rumford.com/Rumford2.html 


The Newer "BOX" style fireplace is only 5-10% efficient.  This is the fireplace style that is most common among U.S. builders, simply because this is the style they learned to use early in our U.S. history and it became the standard.  We do not recommend it.  This design was created by Count Rumford in the 1700's, and is the most efficient fireplace and throat design available.  Note that the side walls have been angled out to allow more heat transfer into the room. We highly recommend this method for new construction, and to replace old fireboxes where possible.

We'll be happy to provide an estimate to build a Rumford style fireplace in your home. 

At left is a new Rumford fireplace in the process of being built by our crew. Standard buff color firebrick are used, and the surrounding walls are block, then an exterior brick chimney and interior facial wall will be built. 
Rumford fireplace completed with fireplace surround out of local river rock that the client collected from a stream on their property.  Four mantels and a raised hearth were included. During a three-day power outage one winter this fireplace kept their 3,000 sq. foot home warm enough to stay in. 
This fireplace face is 12' tall and 13' wide.
Here is another project that Gene built with his crew- the old fireplace was removed and new one was built in the Priorfire design. This is called "Rumfordizing" when an old fireplace is modified.  
A Priorfire Rumford fireplace built in an existing chimney - the old fireplace was removed.  Gas logs are in this one for convenience - but I prefer wood.  This one is in our office in Independence, MO.
herringbonerumford HearthMasters Herringbone design: Herringbone Bob Hart Rumford using the Hart Rumford form for the smoke chamber throat - this was built by Gene for the 2013 NCSG workshop and the form is still in place.  The herringbone pattern was made using firebrick shiners (the large flat side of the brick showing). 
It can also be built using a stretcher layup with the long thin side of the brick showing, which takes twice as long to build.
Hart Rumford Form This is the Hart/Rumford form from the back: the form allows us to build a smooth throat which also serves as the supporting lintel, so no extra lintel is required. This is a straight Rumford being built for the NCSG convention workshop.  Gene wanted to show a standard brick layup as well as the herringbone. 
rumford building This is a straight Rumford being built for the NCSG convention workshop.  Gene wanted to show a standard brick layup as well as the herringbone. 

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