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Cynthia Williamson

715 N River Blvd.

​We thought this decor was especially creative with the overhead spider web and dancing ghosts. Looks very uninviting!

Linda Sierks

1201 W 25 Terrace.

This spooky graveyard and witch are sure to scare anyone away!

Honorable Mentions:

FIRST PLACE EXTERIOR DECOR:  (above) This was the creepiest and most extensive Halloween house entry with the entire side and back yard decorated with a graveyard and scary dolls sitting around a Ouija board. The front of the house was covered completely in spider webs with a giant spider. AAAA!  Is all we can say, and this was definitely the most creative of the entries! Congratulations to Douglas Weir at 710 E Albert Avenue! 


2016 Independence, MO Contest Winner and Honorable Mentions

We thought you'd like to see this from one of our employees - Maria McKenzie and her family carved this set of five pumpkins that look super cool in the dark. They don't get a prize since they are not eligible, but it is worth posting!

Halloween Contest Winners

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We had no eligible entries for the Fireplace Decor or Jack-O-Lantern decor categories.

Get ready for next year's contest - we will have more sponsors and prizes in 2017!