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Models E-678 and E-850 are available in the U.S.

Customize your E678 on the UK site here, then return to this page and let us know what your choices are for a quote

Model E-678

The most popular model in the Ecco Stove ® masonry heater range with an optimal balanced of heat retention and heat distribution making it the flagship of the models available. Its unique style with curved front makes it suitable for both traditional and contemporary rooms.  Guinness World Record holder and Survival expert Ed Stafford talks about his E678 in these videos. 

Heats up to 2,300 square feet if placed in the right location.

Masonry heaters are traditionally heavier than normal wood burning stoves due to the considerable advantages of thermal mass.

E678 features:

  • Retains 12.3 hrs of usable heat after fire has extinguished.
  • No radiators, ducting or electrical wiring required.
  • Typically only two fires a day required to heat the home.
  • High quality solid mineral throughout (Silicon Carbide) for gentle and even heat distribution.
  • Air wash clear glass.
  • 10 year warranty.
  • Extensive range of colors.

ECCO Stove

We carry this efficient, wood-burning hybrid masonry heater/stove from the U.K.

You may order the stove from us from anywhere in the U.S. and we will have it shipped to you. 
It is assembled on site by our technicians in the greater Kansas City area or by your local professional.
​This type of combination heater/stove produces more heat over a longer period of time than a regular wood-burning stove.


Are you fed up with cold rooms and sky-high heating bills? Landy Vent’s Ecco Stove offers the ideal solution. Because it releases heat slowly through energy efficient heating, it creates a consistent warmth for your entire home. With up to 88% efficiency and just 0.07% carbon production, the Ecco Stove is the ultimate alternative to a traditional wood burning stove.Our masonry heater provides an innovative and robust alternative to oil and gas fed central heating systems, and is regarded throughout the industry as the most efficient heater on the market.

A popular choice in countries like Finland and Sweden, the masonry heater is relatively unheard of in the U.S. and we want to change that to ensure homeowners across the country can take advantage of its energy efficient and money saving benefits. So why are Ecco Stove masonry heaters so efficient? How masonry heaters work is based on ancient technology that has been around for centuries, but the high energy efficient ratings provide a very modern solution for properties of all sizes. Constructed using a unique formula of natural, hard-wearing minerals, the Ecco Stove masonry heater is able to heat to extremely high temperatures, which increases smoke combustion and produces lower emissions, equaling major savings for you and the planet!

Colors: Available in black, grey, cream, blue or red with optional alloy or black trim, the sleek Ecco Stove is the perfect addition to any home. From the traditional to the ultra-modern, this versatile stove will complement your existing decor perfectly while offering cost-effective, energy-efficient heating.

Material: Silicon Carbide is made up of two minerals extracted from the ground: Silicon and Carbon. When combined, these minerals form one of the hardest materials on earth, second only to diamond. Silicon Carbide is able to absorb extreme temperatures and then release heat slowly. It offers some of the best energy efficiencies and low levels of carbon available. It is primarily used in electrical conductors and furnaces thanks to its heat conduction properties. Landy Vent is constantly testing and developing Silicon Carbide in order to improve its efficiency in whole house heating.

For more information pick your model and color, then call us for a consultation. If in the greater Kansas City area, we need to look at the location where you want to put the stove and chimney before providing a quote for the stove, chimney, floor protection, and installation.

WE SELL AND INSTALL ECCO STOVE IN THE GREATER KANSAS CITY AREA, AND WE DO SHIP TO OTHER U.S. LOCATIONS.  We can also help you find a qualified professional installer in your area through our network of professionals. 

Model 850

The largest model in the Ecco Stove range with high heat retention and heat distribution properties. The curved front design makes it suitable for the more modern or traditional living space.

Heats up to 3,000 square feet if placed in the right location. 

Masonry heaters are traditionally heavier than normal wood burning stoves due to the considerable advantages of thermal mass.

Ecco E850 features:

Retains 7 hrs of usable heat after the fire has gone out.
No radiators, ducting or electricity required.
High quality solid mineral throughout (Silicon Carbide) for gentle and even heat distribution.
Air wash clear glass.
10 year warranty.
Extensive range of colours.

         Customize your E-850 here then return to this site and fill out the form below for pricing: 

For more information and a total price including shipping please fill out the form at the left and submit it to us. 

Note: All stoves are custom made to order in the U.K. then shipped to the U.S. Allow 3 - 6 weeks or longer for the stove to arrive. 


Choose from a selection of nine heat resistant paint finishes for both body and trim or the natural silicon carbide finish. If you would like a color or combination that is not shown ask out team if we can create it specially for you.

Please note due to the nature of the masonry material any paint finishes may require repainting in areas after first firing or over time. Paint is supplied with each stove to your colour choice in spray form for touching up where necessary.